Macshane is an Australian Rapper with a unique skill set.

Revered for his Supernatural-esque off-the-top Freestyling ability and unmatched energy; Macshane has Exploded on to the music scene, performing at festivals, hosting major nightclubs, winning freestyle competitions, featuring on commercial radio and supporting international acts.

As a recording artist, Macshane draws influence from all corners of hiphop and electronic music – to deliver intricate wordplay, complex flows and a unique perspective on concepts and themes.

As a performing artist, No genre is safe, no tempo unguarded and no crowd unhype-able. Macshane flexes lyrical prowess while elevating the energy of the crowd to the next dimension.

Macshanes first mixtape release “Milestones”, highlights the skill, creativity and diversity of this up and coming Australian Rapper in a landscape begging for something new and exciting.

At the top of the freestyle rap game and with an impressive MC resume, Macshane is touted as the Australian rapper one to watch.