Born just prior to the early 90’s rise of drum & bass, producers Raphael and Wolf have rooted their sound in the form, both as solo artists, and now collaboratively. Their combined passion for good vibes, and being able to share that with their fans was what defined their stage name FLOWIDUS, with both producers being quoted as saying “we want people to come on a journey with us”.
The duo have fused their individual styles to create their sound; one which encapsulates their shared love of driving bass lines and melodic dance floor drum & bass.

Flowidus’ individual parts met at a drum & bass gig in Perth at the beginning of 2015. At the time, Raphael and Wolf were already on the rise as strong solo producers, but after working together on a few tracks, agreed that collectedly they were capable of even more.

Born in Germany, and raised by his parents who were both successful singers throughout Europe, Wolf has always been comfortable in the music industry. His childhood was spent around musicians and instruments, with the drums being one he was particularly drawn to. As he got older, living in Perth now, playing the drums to accompany his Bachelor of Music was a natural progression.

After completing his degree, Wolf began spending more time focusing his talents on producing drum & bass, under the name Spillage. He began releasing tracks on Technique Recordings, Fokuz (Influenza), Soul Deep Recordings, and Good Karma Music, as well as gaining support from BBC 1 Radio Play. Among his recent accomplishments, Wolf’s 2014 remix of Kate Kay Es “Once You Did” received over 500,000 views on YouTube, as well as having the honour of supporting international artists such as Delta Heavy, DJ Hype, Tantrum Desire, SIGMA, and Wilkinson.

Raphael’s accomplishments are equally as impressive, with one of his tracks on Good Karma Music making it’s way to number 7 on the Beatport Top 10 Drum and Bass Releases at the beginning of 2015, as well as supporting the likes of Wilkinson, Shockone, Brooke’s Brothers, Trei, Tali and Phetsta, under the name Dealt Fairly.

Raphael, originally from New Zealand, attributes his successes to having a mind wealthy in culture, perseverance and dedication, as well as a pronounced passion for drum & bass. These traits have assisted him in the studio, resulting in a slew of fresh music releases and videos to match. Although living in Perth now, Raphael has enjoyed working with people from back home, and even featured on Tali’s latest album “Wolves”, remixing her single “Faster Than Sound”.

After releasing a few tracks together as Spillage & Dealt Fairly throughout 2015, it was towards the end of the year that they managed to grab the attention of Andy C’s legendary label RAM Records, and thus igniting the beginning of Flowidus.