Ekko & Sidetrack are brothers, Jeff and Jono Hansen. Raised in Perth, Australia, learning instruments and listening to their parents varied music collection lead these two into music production in 2008. Armed with an old version of Ableton and no idea what the hell a VST was they cut their teeth on a pair of PC speakers and a laptop.

Their continued dedication caught the eye of Viper Recordings and was rewarded with a feature on the Viper Recordings Summer Slammers LP with ‘Contention’. In 2015 they teamed up with fellow Perth producer Gran Calavera to produce ‘Snowden’ which was released as part of Viper’s revered Headroom Series, followed by their debut single “Alone Without You / AMPM” on Viper Recordings later that year.

In 2016 the duo has gone from strength to strength with highly acclaimed remix’s of Virtual Riot & Shockone Throwdown on Disciple Recordings and Camikazee Shadows on Vicious Recordings and the launch of their monthly podcast The Adventures of Ekko & Sidetrack has seen the Hansen brothers develop a cult following with their tongue-and-cheek personality, drawing bigger and bigger crowds and even selling out their own shows in their hometown of Perth.

All this has culminated in the release of their biggest single to date “Burgle / One Time” on Viper Recordings, and it isis now abundantly clear that the ascent of Ekko & Sidetrack in to the upper echelons of drum & bass is well and truly under way.

With their debut EP planned on Viper for 2017 there is no doubt that the whole word is about to know the name Ekko & Sidetrack and their unique brand of quircky, funky, soulful, dance floor drum & bass.